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IBM FHIR® Server

The IBM FHIR Server is a modular Java implementation of version 4 of the HL7 FHIR specification with a focus on performance and configurability.


The IBM FHIR Server conforms to version 4.0.1 (R4) of the HL7 FHIR specification.

We use AEGIS Touchstone to test and publish our conformance results.

For a detailed description of conformance, please see Conformance.

Running the IBM FHIR Server

Information on installing, configuring, and running the IBM FHIR Server is available in the User Guide at FHIRServerUsersGuide.

Building on top of the IBM FHIR Server

IBM FHIR Server artifacts are available in Maven Central with a group ID of

For example, if you are using Maven and would like use our object model (including our high-performance parser, generator, and validator), you could declare the dependency like this: