IBM SMF Explorer
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IBM SMF Explorer Documentation

IBM® SMF Explorer is a Python framework to access SMF data directly from the z/OS® host on your workstation.

System Management Facility (SMF) records represent a wealth of useful information that can be leveraged to extract insights into the activities of your z/OS systems. Novice users like system programmers, data scientists and data engineers might be struggling when trying to understand and interpret SMF data if they are still not acquainted with z/OS. 

Getting Started

Access SMF data

SMF Explorer uses the z/OS Data Gatherer: SMF Data REST Services to fetch data directly from SMF data sets on a z/OS host.

Use the Python ecosystem

SMF Explorer returns SMF data as Pandas DataFrames. This opens up your data to an ecosystem made for data analysis and machine learning.

Ready to use environment

Use the provided JupyterLab setup to use SMF Explorer in an interactive environment.