IBM Power Systems AIX Collection for Ansible

The IBM Power Systems AIX collection provides modules that can be used to manage configurations and deployments of Power AIX systems. The collection content helps to include workloads on Power platforms as part of an enterprise automation strategy through the Ansible ecosystem.

Ansible Content for IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems is a family of enterprise servers that helps transform your organization by delivering industry leading resilience, scalability and accelerated performance for the most sensitive, mission critical workloads and next-generation AI and edge solutions. The Power platform also leverages open source technologies that enable you to run these workloads in a hybrid cloud environment with consistent tools, processes and skills.

IBM Power Systems AIX collection, as part of the broader offering of Ansible Content for IBM Power Systems, is available from Ansible Galaxy and has community support.

Getting Started Articles

Check out the reference materials below if you are new to Ansible for AIX.


The IBM Power Systems AIX collection includes modules and sample playbooks that help to automate tasks on Power AIX systems.


Licensed under GNU General Public License, Version 3.0.

Author Information

This Ansible collection is maintained by the IBM Power AIX development team.