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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

The following topics will be covered in the Infrastructure as Code section.

  1. Overview
  2. Environment Setup
  3. Getting Started with Terraform
  4. IBM Cloud Schematics
  5. Create Images with Packer
  6. IBM Cloud API
  7. Resources
    1. IAM Resources
    2. Network Resources
    3. Compute & Storage Resources
    4. Cloud Services with Managed Databases, Messaging & Queueing and Logging & Monitoring Resources
    5. Containers with Container Registry Resources and Kubernetes Resources
    6. Serverless with Serverless and Functions as a Service Resources
  8. Configuration Management Tools
    1. User Data with Cloud-Init and Shell Scripts
    2. Ansible
    3. Helm

Make sure to follow the instructions in the Setup Environment section to properly configure your access to IBM Cloud.

During this section we’ll use the code from the IaC Pattern Guide repository where there is a directory per topic covered in this section.