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Create a LogDNA instance on IBM Cloud

Create an instance of LogDNA on IBM Cloud

In this section, we will review the steps you must take when creating a LogDNA instance.
The steps we will take are:

  • Create the LogDNA instance
  • instructions on how to configure it to collect from platform services
  • finally the dashboard which helps you review the logs from all the sources.

For creating the logDNA in the IBM Client UI, please click here .

Select the plan you are interested in (we have seleced 7 day Log Search plan). Enter a service name, and click Create.

Create instance

The newly created instance can be seen on the console.

Click on Configure platform logs to select the IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA instance to receive platform logs.

Open configure platform logs

Select the LogDNA instance and click Configure.

Configure platform logs

The LogDNA Dashboard can be accessed by clicking on the link as shown below:

Open Dashboard

LogDNA Dashboard: