Dependent PTFs

7.4 MF99301 SI70544 7.3 MF99207 SI69686 7.2 SI71091

Add the license key whose length has to be 101-bytes of IBM® i logical partitions.

You could add the license key of IBM® i logical partitions by either of the following ways: 1) Run the below command on Novalink partitions

/usr/bin/chlickey -p <system name> -o a --lickey "<license key>"

The explanation of the options are as follows: -p indicates the logical partition name. You can run “pvmctl vm list” to query the logical parititon name. -o indicates the type of the operation to be performed. The only supported operation is a. a indicates adding the license information to the license repository. --lickey specifies the license key to be added. The length of the license key has to be 101-bytes.

2) Add the license key of IBM® i logical partitions by calling the PowerVC API

API type: POST API endpoint: /v2.1/{tenant_id}/servers/{server_id}/action API description: Request to inject an license key of an IBM i virtual machine. Specify the licenseKey action in the request body


POST /v2.1/1e51f46700a545f0952170149e73995c/servers/d41752b5-9c38-419f-bf29-8ef335c5e88c/action
          "licenseKey": "1191028013241RCHASC015770SS1V7R4M05050 XXXXXXX9990001001221224        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1191028013241"