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Using trestle as an object model for OSCAL¤

Trestle provides an object model for OSCAL to ease the development and validation of OSCAL objects that reside in the trestle.oscal module. This functionality, which is built on pydantic and python data classes, allows validation of the OSCAL schema and is leveraged to provide a variety of utility functions including:

Mapping and variance with OSCAL names.¤

The underlying object model that trestle relies on is the json schema published by NIST here. In understanding these models the model reference page is an indispensable source.

When generating the python data class based models we have tried to be as faithful as we can to the naming convention provided by OSCAL. This is the hierarchy of rules that we have used:

  1. Do not include prepends from the json schema (e.g. assembly_oscal-catalog_catalog becomes the short name catalog), modules are used for scoping statements
  2. OSCAL modules use hyphen case (e.g. system-security-plan) and this is converted to CamelCase (e.g. SystemSecurityPlan)
  3. Name collisions with reserved words in python are post-pended with an underscore (e.g. class becomes class_)
  4. If a model is used across multiple OSCAL schemas (e.g. metadata) it is put into the common module(trestle.oscal.common), otherwise it will be scoped to a model specifically for that schema.
  5. Any unresolved duplicates are resolved by adding an index e.g. class State1

OSCAL Schema mapping¤

This maps between OSCAL values and the corresponding pydantic/python data class in trestle. For example, to get a catalog you would call:

from pathlib import Path
from trestle.oscal.catalog import Catalog

my_catalog = Catalog.oscal_read(Path('path/to/file.json'))
Oscal schema json schema name Trestle module Trestle class name
Catalog catalog catalog trestle.oscal.catalog
Profile profile profile trestle.oscal.profile
Component Definition component-definition trestle.oscal.component ComponentDefinition
System Security Plan system-security-plan trestle.oscal.ssp SystemSecurityPlan
Assessment Plan assessment-plan trestle.oscal.assessment_plan AssessmentPlan
Assessment Results assessment-results trestle.oscal.assessment_results AssessmentResults
Plan of action and milestones plan-of-action-and-milestones trestle.oscal.poam PlanOfActionAndMilestones