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API Migration

As new CustomResourceDefinition API versions are released, the API migrations which occur on those boundaries will be documented here.


As we iterate on the DataPower Operator, add new functionality, etc. our APIs will invetibly change over time. Our APIs are described by our CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs), which have an apiVersion associated with them. Each version of a given CRD can have its own schema, and thus the functionality of a given CRD version can change over time.

For more information on the conversion webhook that makes these migrations possible, see our Conversion webhook documentation.

v1beta2 migration

The release of 1.1.0 introduces a v1beta2 API and a new DataPowerMonitor CustomResourceDefinition. When upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x the following migrations will occur:

  • Any existing v1beta1 DataPowerService Custom Resources (CRs) will be converted to v1beta2 CRs.
  • The dataPowerMonitor spec from the v1beta1 CR will be translated to an equivalent v1beta2 DataPowerMonitor CR.
  • If a v1beta1 DataPowerService specified a channel in spec.version it will be converted according to the following rules:
    • spec.version: 10.0.0 becomes spec.version: 10.0-cd
    • spec.version: 10.0.1 becomes spec.version: 10.0-lts

v1beta3 migration

The release of 1.3.0 introduces a v1beta3 API for the DataPowerService CustomResourceDefinition. When upgrading from 1.2.x to 1.3.x the following migrations will occur:

  • Any existing v1beta2 DataPowerService instances will be converted to v1beta3.
  • spec.license.license is a new required field in v1beta3 of the DataPowerService, and as such will be automatically populated during migration.
  • If upgrading from 1.2.x and spec.version is set to 10.0-eus, this will be migrated to 10.0-lts. Note that this will incur no change to the DataPower operand runtime.