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Operand Status

Once deployed, an operand’s status is available via the Custom Resources that compose the workload.

Operand Custom Resources

The DataPower Operator manages operands, e.g. IBM DataPower Gateway pods, through its Custom Resources. The primary Custom Resource is the DataPowerService CustomResourceDefinition (CRD). When a DataPowerService instance is created, the DataPower Operator will keep its Status up-to-date. This Status can contain valuable information regarding the workload’s state, including the status of an update rollout, any errors during reconciliation, etc.

While the DataPowerService instance is the primary instance for checking the status of the IBM DataPower Gateway deployment, the DataPowerMonitor instance is also a valuable component. For more details, see DataPower Monitor.

Retrieving status


You can interact with the DataPowerService resource type similarly to how you would a Pod or Deployment.

# list DataPowerService instances
oc get datapowerservice
# describe one of them
oc describe datapowerservice/name

The DataPowerService also supports a shortname, dp:

# list DataPowerService instances
oc get dp
# describe one of them
oc describe dp/name


You can interact with the DataPowerMonitor resource type similarly to the DataPowerService.

# list DataPowerMonitor instances
oc get datapowermonitor
# describe one of them
oc describe datapowermonitor/name

The DataPowerMonitor also supports a shortname, dpm:

# list DataPowerMonitor instances
oc get dpm
# describe one of them
oc describe dpm/name


All CRDs that the DataPower Operator manages will be included in the following categories, allowing for it to show up in aggregated get output:

  • all
  • apic
  • cp4i
  • integration

To list these categories of resources use oc get category where category is one of the above.

oc get all
oc get apic
oc get cp4i
oc get integration

Understanding the output

The output from oc get dp will show at a glance if the IBM DataPower Gateway instance(s) are Ready. For example:

$ oc get dp
example Running True StatefulSet replicas ready: 3/3 171m

Similarly to other Kubernetes resources, you can describe the custom resource for more verbose status (as well as to see its spec). At the bottom of the describe output, you will find the Status section. This contains conditions and other custom status entries.

To read more about the available information in the Status sections for each CRD, see: