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Release Notes


  • Add support for DataPower firmware version, available in the 10.0-eus and 10.0-lts channels.
  • Conversion webhook management will now upgrade conversion webhook Deployment as part of operator upgrade.
  • Fix split-cluster issue related to gateway-peering in API Connect Gateway deployments.
  • Fix reconciliation of spec.labels in DataPowerService custom resource instances.
  • Fix status.mgmtPorts update behavior when StatefulSet is not Ready.
  • Fix DataPower config initialization sequence and behavior.
  • Fix an issue related to capital domain names.


v1beta3 API

This version brings a new v1beta3 version of the DataPowerService CRD, adding the following capabilities:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Pod Autoscaling
  • Kubernetes container lifecycle hooks
  • License acceptance enforcement during upgrade
  • Pause reconciliation for troubleshooting

Upon upgrading to 1.3.0, any v1beta2 DataPowerService instances will automatically be migrated to v1beta3.

Note that only the DataPowerService CRD has updated to v1beta3, the DataPowerMonitor CRD remains at v1beta2.


  • Conversion webhook management will automatically upgrade the conversion webhook runtime when necessary (such as upgrade from 1.2.x to 1.3.x).
  • Stricter validation for minimum CPU and Memory allocations for DataPower containers.


  • Minimum CPU count for DataPower containers has been lowered to 1.
    • The default CPU request for nonproduction containers is now 1.
    • The default CPU request for production containers remains 4.
  • DataPowerService CPU request (spec.resources.requests.cpu) now supports Kubernetes resource quantity formatting.
    • This means that CPU can be requested using milli-CPU string, such as 4000m for 4 cores.
    • Partial CPU values (such as 2500m are not supported).


  • Fix ordering of application domain config initialization during DataPower container startup.


  • Add support for DataPower firmware version
  • Fix issue relating to temporary:/// file system cleanup during DataPower pod initialization.
  • Update Go to address CVEs: CVE-2020-28367, CVE-2020-28366, CVE-2020-28362.


  • Fix Pod Topology Spread Constraints.
    • Set topologyKey to well-known “zone” label
    • Set whenUnsatisfiable to ScheduleAnyway to avoid blocked scheduling.



  • Add support for datapower-cp4i image, see Image selection and Cloud Pak for Integration: Gateway runtime.
  • Add support for DataPower version
  • Add support for Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.4.1 EUS release.
  • Pod scheduling errors are now raised as Conditions on the DataPowerService instance.


  • DataPowerService CR names are now limited to 52 characters.


  • storage.volumeMode is deprecated, and will now always be set to Filesystem for persistent storage requests.
    • If set to Block previously, the CR will be migrated to use Filesystem instead, automatically.


  • Minimum OCP version is now 4.6.
  • Minimum Kubernetes version is now 1.17.


  • Fixes an issue relating to metering and licensing of DataPower Virtual Edition for Nonproduction, when deployed in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.
  • Fixes an issue relating to the storage.size property rendering in OCP Console UI, as well as IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Platform Navigator.
  • Fixes an issue relating to the name generation and reconciliation of the username-commands ConfigMap created by the operator.
  • Adds documentation links to the ClusterServiceVersion for both CRDs, as well as this documentation website.
  • Conversion webhook management routine will now adopt orphaned webhook deployments if found during reconciliation.


v1beta2 APIs

1.1.0 introduces a new v1beta2 API version, consisting of an updated DataPowerService CustomResourceDefition (CRD), and a new DataPowerMonitor CRD.

For more details on the (automatic) API migration process, see API Migration.

With the new v1beta2 API, the following changes have been made:


  • Removed dataPowerMonitor (replaced by DataPowerMonitor CRD).
  • Added support for custom tolerations.
  • Added support for custom nodeSelector.
  • Added mgmtPorts to Custom Resource Status.
  • Changed the version channel structure.


See the API spec here, and more information on the functionality here.


  • Add support for DataPower firmware version
  • Add support for DataPower Monitor version 1.0.1.
  • Add DataPower init script to clean temporary:///config on boot.


  • Several changes and enhancements to support deployment via IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, including:
    • A minimal ServiceAccount is generated for use by the StatefulSet is none is provided in the DataPowerService Custom Resource spec.
    • Support for automatically using an ibm-entitlement-key Secret to pull images from the IBM Container Registry.
    • Labels and Annotations for Licensing and Metering of workloads, both standalone and within IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.
    • Kibana dashboard support.


Initial release.