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A guide to uninstalling the DataPower Operator with troubleshooting tips and workarounds.

Order of uninstallation

Resources must be removed in the following order to avoid deadlocks:

  1. Remove all DataPowerService and DataPowerMonitor Custom Resources from namespace.
  2. Uninstall Operator with either OLM or CASE.
  3. If completely removing from cluster, remove CRDs.

Uninstalling with OLM

In the GUI

In the OCP GUI, navigate to Operators->Installed Operators on the left side pane. In the Project dropdown box, select the namespace from which to uninstall. Find the specific DataPower Operator Subscription you wish to uninstall and click the options menu on the right side of the row. Select “Uninstall Operator”.

In the CLI

Using the oc CLI tool, delete the DataPower Operator Subscription by doing

oc -n mynamespace delete subscription datapower-operator

Uninstalling with CASE

For uninstalling via CASE, refer to the relevant uninstall command in the CASE document.

Removing CRDs

To remove the DataPower CRDs from the cluster, run

kubectl delete crds
kubectl delete crds

Known issues

Custom Resource deletion blocked by conversion

As of DataPower Operator version 1.1.0, a conversion webhook is deployed by the DataPower Operator. If the conversion webhook was managed by the DataPower Operator being uninstalled it will get cleaned up due to having Owner References set to the managing DataPower Operator. If you are uninstalling the last DataPower Operator in the cluster, no new conversion webhook will get deployed. Once in this state, it becomes impossible to delete or create new DataPowerService Custom Resources because the Kubernetes API Server is attempting to connect to a no-longer-alive conversion webhook.

To clear out the conversion definition, run

kubectl patch crds -p '{"spec": {"conversion": null}}'

After the patch has been processed, the custom resources can be modified and deleted.

To avoid getting into this situation in the future, remove all DataPowerService Custom Resources before uninstalling the DataPower Operator.