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Last updated 29 January 2020

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Plan, prototype and hand off documentation

The Carbon Axure Kit contains the resources you need to rapidly create interactive prototypes based on the guidelines and components of IBM’s open-source Carbon Design System.

Axure Kit



Axure elements


Design elements

Library index

Getting started


Designing in Axure RP

Learn about Axure elements


About the Carbon Design System

Read the documentation

This documentation will help you to use the widgets contained in the library.

Library index lets you browse the widgets in the same layout as you will find them in the Libraries pane in Axure.

Design elements section is about the widgets that will help you implement the basic guidelines (color, spacing, typography) of the Carbon Design System.

Components pages are in the same order as on the Carbon Design System website, and include all widgets related to each component.

Axure elements articles will help you understand role and usage of specific Axure widget types (e.g. dynamic panel, repeater) in this library.

Browse widgets in the library index