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TimeoutException when using standard Kafka producer


The standard Kafka producer ( is unable to send messages and fails with the following timeout error:



This situation occurs if the producer is invoked without supplying the required security credentials. In this case, the producer fails with the following error:

Error when sending message to topic <topicname> with key: null, value: <n> bytes

Resolving the problem

Create a properties file with the following content:

sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username="token" password="<api_key>";

Replace <certs.jks_file_location> with the location of a trust store file containing the server certificate (for example, certs.jks), <truststore_password> with the password for the trust store and <api_key> with an API key able to access the IBM Event Streams deployment.

When running the command, include the --producer.config <properties_file> option, replacing <properties_file> with the name of the property file and the path to it. For example: --broker-list <brokerIP>:<bootstrapPort> --topic <topic> --producer.config <properties_file>