IBM HElayers#

IBM HElayers is a software development kit (SDK) for the practical and efficient execution of encrypted workloads using fully homomorphic encrypted data. HElayers is designed to enable application developers and data scientists to seamlessly apply advanced privacy-preserving techniques without requiring specialized skills in cryptography.

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Getting started#


Learn by experience

Users who are already familiar with the concepts of FHE, and who are eager to get started with HElayers, can easily install it and test the various tutorials and demos it provides.

Learn by reading

Users who wish to learn more about the HElayers solution, its structure, its intended audience, and its different sets of APIs should visit its overview page.

HElayers and IBM#

  • HElayers now powers IBM’s FHE Cloud Service, a beta cloud service that enables data scientists and developers to deploy privacy preserving machine learning driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in the Cloud.

  • To learn more about our offerings for IBM zSystems, please visit our Content Solutions Page


HElayers is provided under a community edition license for non-commercial use; see license. For commercial deployments and access to the source code, please contact for the Premium Edition license.

Citing HElayers#

To cite HElayers, please use:

Aharoni, E., Adir, A., Baruch, M., Drucker, N., Ezov, G., Farkash, A., Greenberg, L., Masalha, R., Moshkowich, G., Murik, D., Shaul, H. and Soceanu, O., HeLayers: A Tile Tensors Framework for Large Neural Networks on Encrypted Data, Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium (PETs) 2023,