Welcome to “HPC on IBM Cloud” Tutorials

This website is an open-source documentation project for “HPC on IBM Cloud” topics. We aim to provide tailored, step-by-step tutorials on various tasks in utilizing public cloud resources for HPC workloads. We hope to smooth the learning curve for the transition from traditional on-premise HPC clusters to cloud-based or even cloud-native workflows. Most information here are derived from references and tutorials from IBM Cloud’s online articles.

Topics on this website:

  • Cloud Basics introduces the building blocks of cloud computing and basic preparations for going through the other topics.

  • Standing up an LSF Cluster shows how to set up a HPC cluster on IBM Cloud, including how to use the autoscaling capability.

  • Cloud Bursting explores the exciting possiblities of leveraging LSF-managed multi-cluster on hybrid cloud.

  • Custom Image explains how to create your own custom VSI images hosted on IBM Cloud.

  • (Upcoming) HPC File Systems discusses the options for a high-performance parallel file system on IBM Cloud.

  • (Upcoming) Performance tuning provides cloud-specific performance tuning suggestions for HPC applications.

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