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Important resources for anyone interested in open source on IBM i

IBM i Open Source Resources

Important resources for anyone interested in open source on IBM i

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IBM i Customer Stories

Individual customer stories

Company (link) Synopsis
SAIB Using Node.js to integrate with Amazon Alexa
Genetco Updating their ERP system and implementing new GUI interfaces
Trans Am Piping Products Using PHP to redesign their website and increase productivity
Magid Transforming green screen UIs to PHP
JDS Industries Several digital transformation projects us PHP, including mobile and Google Maps integration
Hatco Corporation Using PHP for web presence, and git for source control
Stonetales Properties Using Node.js to build new solutions when acquiring another company
FormaServe Systems Using Node.js to enable and streamline digital tax filing in the UK
RPC Superfos Using open source languages such as Python and Node.js for frontend user interface modernization
King III Solutions Using PHP in a loosely-coupled fashion to modernize and build new solutions
H/T Bendix Using Node.js for web presence and product catalog
ORIS Using Drupal and other open source technologies to create an online portal for rental properties
Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation Using open source to digitally transform air ambulance operations
Sunstate Using PHP to digitize and streamline parts procurement
Mutual Distributing Company Leveraging multiple languages, including RPG, Node.js, Ruby, Python and PHP, to enable web presence and mobile integration
Wijnen Van Maele PHP and Drupal CMS
Robertet AI and Watson APIs
BWI Companies Git, Jira, and other CI tools
FRS PHP and other open source technologies to power web interfaces
JDS Industries Mobile applications, integration with Google Maps and other APIs
Fuyo General Lease SugarCRM
United Heritage Insurance business-critical web applications
H-P Products Integrating PHP with Db2 and core applications, leading to a performance boost over Linux
Computer Merchants Integration with artificial intelligence

Case Studies

Company (link) Synopsis Quote
CRAS Deployed Node-RED to integrate with PLC IoT devices “The ability to run the latest open source software alongside unmodified code from the 1980s is surely unheard of on any other platform, and this offers huge value to our business in terms of reducing both ongoing risk and costs in IT.”
Deknudt Frames Using open source to revitalize its e-commerce platform “what’s really interesting is that this up-to-date, open source solution runs side-by-side and fully integrated with trusted core business systems originally coded in the 1970s.”
Fibrocrit Using open source to modernize its project management and design processes “The fact that the platform supports open source solutions means that we can leverage the very best technology and benefit from the support and development of the open source community while avoiding inhibitive licensing costs.”
Winsol Replaced manufacturing-control terminals across its shop floor, connecting to new open source software “Everything – both core business systems and the new open source solutions – runs on IBM i, so reliability is perfect as always. And the faster processes have certainly made our lives easier.”
Kube-Pak Integrating open source with battle-tested core business logic “We can develop in C, PHP, Java – there’s now a full range of open source software on the platform that meshes seamlessly with the core technologies that we’ve been running for decades”
JORI Built a 3D configurator using open source “What’s really cool is that this innovative, open-source solution is fully integrated with application code and business rules that our client has entrusted to i since the 1980s.”