a video theremin using OpenPose


A video theremin that allows you to make beautiful music just by waving your arms! It is based on Veremin but uses the MAX Human Pose Estimator model converted to the TensorFlow.js format


After the video loads, it will include an overlay with skeletal information detected by OpenPose. The overlay also include two adjacent zones/boxes. Move your wrists within each of the zones to make sounds.

Move your right hand/arm up and down (in the right zone) to generate different notes.

Move your left hand/arm left and right (in the left zone) to adjust the velocity of the note.


At a minimum, your browsers must allow access to a webcam and support the Web Audio API.

If your browser supports the Web MIDI API, you can connect a MIDI synthesizer to your computer or you can download and run a software synthesizer such as SimpleSynth.

Depending on your browser, you may need to access this application using the https protocol instead of the http.

Check out the README for more information.