Next Gen Dev Experience for IBM Z
Welcome to Technology Preview 2 of Wazi, a fully functional, Language Server-based, modern IDE experience for z/OS COBOL.
About Wazi

Wazi is a technology preview of several next generation capabilities for Z Open Development. It utilizes and extends Zowe Open Mainframe project and integrates with z/OS DevOps solutions such as IBM Dependency Based Build and IBM z/OS Debugger. It contains two alternative IDE experiences: a Theia Web-based editor as well as an extension to VS Code.

What's new in Technology Preview 2

In technology Preview 2 we added various new integrations such as for Build using IBM Dependency Based Build and a USS Explorer, as well as for Debug using IBM z/OS Debugger. We extended the COBOL language server to visually present code metrics. Plus, we are now providing a Visual Studio Code extension as an alternative editor client for Wazi. See a demo of the main new features in the video below.

Web-based experience – no installation required

Access a full modern editing experience with language-specific features and technology integrations, just by navigating to a URL in your browser.

Wazi comes as a Docker image to run in the Cloud or on a desktop to bring you a fully integrated development environment built upon the popular Theia open source project.

Advanced COBOL analysis, editing, and refactoring experience

Boost your productivity with a modern, language-sensitive editor.

Using the Language Server Protocol (LSP), Wazi supports COBOL outline view, syntax highlighting, code completion, code templates, find all references, peek definition, search and rename refactoring across multiple program files, and much more.

Integrated software configuration management (SCM)

Take control of your code with an SCM tool such as Git.

With SCM integration, Wazi gives you a range of code control capabilities that include snapshotting work at any point in time, branching into alternative explorations, and reverting code.

Direct z/OS system interaction

Load and edit your files directly from z/OS or download them into your local workspace, and add them to Git to control your changes.

Wazi can connect to z/OS through APIs used by the Zowe Open Mainframe project and provides interactive data sets and USS files explorers to open members and files. Use drag-and-drop to upload and download files. A built-in terminal expands on all of these capabilities with a large variety of command line interactions provided by the Zowe CLI.

Integration with IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB)

Use the Wazi IDE to quickly build and test your personal branches and changes with DBB.

Wazi provides COBOL developers with new productivity tools for parallel development. Use a simple workflow of branching code in personal Git branches, making changes, pushing them to z/OS USS profiles for building and testing with Dependency Based Build. Then share your fully tested changes with the rest of your team.

IBM z/OS Debugger integration

Wazi's integrated z/OS Debugger helps you test programs and examine, monitor, and control the execution of COBOL programs on a z/OS system.

Set breakpoints, step through COBOL source listings and view and modify variables directly in Wazi.

Assess your COBOL program code complexity with metrics

Wazi utilizes the power of the COBOL language server to compute powerful code metrics such as Halstead Complexity Measure.

Observe the impact of your changes on your code as you work. Set thresholds on the metrics that you want to track and get notified about.

VS Code extension for COBOL

To demonstrate the power of IBM's vision for Bring-Your-Own-Editor development scenarios, we also provide an alternative IDE experience built on top of the very popular Microsoft VS Code editor.

Experience the exact same COBOL capabilities in two different editors. (Does not yet have all the other integrations mentioned above.)