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z/OSMF enhancements in 4Q 2020:

  • z/OSMF Ansible collection is enhanced to support MVS operator commands as well as fetching sequential data set or PDS/E data set member.
  • z/OSMF Desktop is enhanced by PH28692 to support typeahead search. PH30398 also enhances z/OSMF Desktop to support creating data set. Clients can create a new physical sequential or partitioned data set based on an existing data set, a predefined template, or fully specified attributes.
  • z/OSMF REST data set and file API is enhanced by APAR PH29745 to queue concurrent requests from the same user when the number of TSO address spaces are exhausted. A tuning guide for REST data set and file API is also published at here.
  • z/OS Operator Consoles plugin is enhanced by PH30881 to support side view for WTOR/Hold messages.
  • z/OSMF is enhanced by PH30398 to support 15 minutes as the minimum expiration time of z/OSMF user session.
  • z/OSMF Diagnostic Assistant is enhanced with PH25691 to support the display of z/OSMF data file system utilization on the z/OSMF desktop taskbar. It also supports automatic cleanup of z/OSMF diagnostic data based on a predefined policy.
  • z/OSMF Workflow Engine has several enhancements with the PTF for APAR PH28532. The workflow administrator can delete multiple workflow instances at a time. To perform a workflow on a remote sysplex, a single sign-on among z/OSMF instances is no longer strictly required. In the absence of a single sign-on, the request prompts for a user and password, if necessary. The "create new workflow instance" dialog now exploits the typeahead search for the workflow definition and workflow properties files. This can eliminate the need to provide the full data set name or path name.
  • z/OSMF startup time and resource consumption during startup is improved with the PTFs for APARs PH28921, PH28920, PH28971, PH28990, PH28451, PH29230, PH29243, PH28832, and PH28872. Actual results can vary, depending on the client's configuration.
  • Cloud Provisioning and Management (CP&M) for z/OS continues to deliver many new functions and improved user experience via continuous delivery. The following features were delivered on December 10, 2020 with PTFs UI72944 (z/OS V2.3) and UI72945 (z/OS V2.4) to expand CP&M provisioning capability and offer a robust software provisioning platform on z/OS. Please refer to our latest blog for details.
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    About z/OSMF

    IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) provides a framework for managing various aspects of a z/OS system through a task-oriented, web browser interface. By streamlining some traditional tasks and automating others, z/OSMF can help to simplify some areas of system management and reduce the level of expertise that is needed for managing a system.

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