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IBM z/OS Management Facility



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About z/OSMF

IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) provides a framework for managing various aspects of a z/OS system through a task oriented, Web browser interface. By streamlining some traditional tasks and automating others, z/OSMF can help to simplify some areas of system management and reduce the level of expertise needed for managing a system.

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    IBM Z Software Trials (zTrial) provides a no-charge trial for z/OSMF without installation required:

    You can also go to the GitHub repository to download the demonstration of z/OSMF functions:

    Here are a series of tutorial videos and online courses for z/OSMF plugins:


    We provide some expert documentations for you to learn more about z/OSMF:


    We provide a worldwide community which offers business and technical experts, blogs and forums to exchange ideas, connect through shared interests and develop expertise:

    User Reference

    Following cases will show you how customers benefit from z/OSMF:

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    The zosmf-adoption Channel on Slack is provided for open discussion on configuration, adoption, marketing, and events for z/OSMF product.