IBM Z Development and Test
Learners Edition

IBM Z Development and Test
Learners Edition

License to Learn – and Keep Learning

Continue your personal learning journey and keep your z/OS® skills current with the IBM ZD&T for Learners Edition.

ZD&T for Learners Edition is a Virtualized IBM Z® that runs on your laptop. The offering includes a stack of z/OS® and related software. Once the stack is installed, you can explore most of the latest z/OS® innovations and try them for yourself. If you’re new to IBM Z®, it’s also a great way to build on your foundational knowledge of z/OS® after earning your fundamental badges.

Below, learn the steps needed to qualify, apply, and purchase a ZD&T for Learners Edition license.

How to qualify

Option 1 :New to IBM Z?

The ZD&T for Learners License is a great way to deepen your z/OS skills. To qualify for access, first learn z/OS fundamentals and earn the below three pre-requisite badges.

Option 2 : Experienced with z/OS?

Are you an experienced z/OS System Programmer, Application Developer or enthusiast? The ZD&T for Learners License can provide you the opportunity to explore new capabilities and build new skills. To qualify, you must meet the minimum on the job experience requirements.


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