Property groups reference

For each property group object in the zopeneditor.propertygroups array, you can specify the following properties:

name (Required)

Provide a unique name for the property group.


Specify whether include files should be resolved by local files ("type": "local"), or by remote data set members ("type": "mvs").


Limit the property group to one specific language (for example, "cobol", "pl1", "hlasm", "jcl"). This property is required if you plan to add any compiler options via the compilerOptions property.


When the language property is set, you can add the compilerOptions property to specify language-specific compiler options that impact the parsing of the programs for the editor. The value of compilerOptions should be a single string. If you are adding more than one compiler option, separate each option with a comma. If there are multiple property groups for a language with compiler options specified, then they will be concatenated. For more information, see Language scoping.


Use this property to resolve statements such as COPY <COPYBOOK_NAME>. For the value of syslib, provide an array of directory path names (for local property groups) or data set names (for mvs property groups) for IBM Z Open Editor to find includes. For more information, see Syslib.


Use this setting to resolve statements such as COPY <COPYBOOK_NAME> IN <LIBRARY_NAME>. For the value of libraries, provide an array of library objects. Each library object should consist of two properties:

  • name: Specify the library name used in the progam.
  • location: Provide an array of folder paths for the associated library name. The setting looks into the folder paths to resolve the copybook or include.

For more information, see Libraries.

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