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Getting started with AI on IBM Z and LinuxONE systems

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IBM Z and LinuxONE feature state of the art hardware and software capabilities designed to optimize AI at scale alongside your enterprise's most critical workloads and data.

AI on IBM Z and LinuxONE is a large umbrella that covers both server technology as well as numerous IBM and vendor offerings and open-source projects. This includes enhancements such as the IBM Telum on-chip inference accelerator used by IBM z16 and LinuxONE 4 systems.

This github page is designed to help you get jump started on leveraging AI. It features information on how to leverage the best of the open source ecosystem on IBM Z and LinuxONE, as well as pointers to community edition and freely available software that can help you quickly get started. It additionally provides example use cases, code samples, and other content to serve as a technical resource for your AI on Z journey.

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