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Event Streams

New to event streaming? Get started with event distribution by using the award-winning, enterprise-grade packaging of Apache Kafka from IBM that provides value-add services to assist in deploying and managing event streaming effectively across organizations at scale.

Event Endpoint Management

Looking to share event data and make event discovery easy? Describe and catalog event sources, making existing events available to be discovered and consumed by any user, and manage your event sources like APIs to securely reuse them across the enterprise.

Event Processing

Want to be able to analyze and turn events into insights? Understand and react to real-time business situations by putting events to work. Remove the need to write SQL and increase productivity. See how you can share insights and build automations based on your event streams.

What's new in IBM Event Automation

  • Event Streams 11.2.x introduces support for other Kubernetes platforms. In addition to the existing support for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, you can also install on other Kubernetes platforms that support the Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) containers.
    For more information, and a full list of new and changed features, see what’s new in Event Streams.
  • Event Endpoint Management 11.0.x simplifies how users can discover, socialize, and use events in your organization. An enhanced UI makes Kafka topic discovery and socialization of event sources simpler.
    For more information, and a full list of new and changed features, see what’s new in Event Endpoint Management.
  • Event Processing 1.0.x provides a scalable, low-code, event stream processing platform that helps you transform and act on data in real time.
    Find out more about the first release of Event Processing.