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Apicurio authentication errors due to User Operator watchedNamespace


Specifying EventStreams.spec.strimziOverrides.entityOperator.userOperator.watchedNamespace when installing Event Streams produces the following error in the Apicurio logs:

2022-07-27 19:15:44,304 WARN  [] (kafka-admin-client-thread | eventstreams-apicurio-registry-1c2d1d16-63b2-4369-bfd0-6f51552a9a01-admin) [AdminClient clientId=eventstreams-apicurio-registry-1c2d1d16-63b2-4369-bfd0-6f51552a9a01-admin] Metadata update failed due to authentication error: org.apache.kafka.common.errors.SaslAuthenticationException: Authentication failed during authentication due to invalid credentials with SASL mechanism SCRAM-SHA-512


Apicurio uses scram-sha-512 credentials generated by a KafkaUser resource. If the watchedNamespace field is set to a namespace that is not the same as the namespace set in the EventStreams custom resource, then the KafkaUsers created by Event Streams are ignored.

Resolving the problem

Remove the field EventStreams.spec.strimziOverrides.entityOperator.userOperator.watchedNamespace from the EventStreams custom resource.