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Chart deployment fails with ‘no ImagePolicies’ error


When the IBM Event Streams chart is deployed, an Internal service error occurs stating that there are no ImagePolicies in the "<name>" namespace, where <name> is the namespace into which you are deploying the chart.


Image policies are used to control access to Docker repositories and it is necessary to ensure that there is a suitable policy in place before the chart is installed.

This situation occurs if there are no image policies defined for the target namespace. To confirm this, list the policies as follows:

kubectl get imagepolicy

You should see a message stating No resources found.

Resolving the problem

If you are using IBM Event Streams (not the Community Edition), you will need access to the following image repositories:

  • mycluster.icp:8500

If you are using Community Edition, you need access to the following image repositories:


To apply an image policy, create a new yaml file with the following content, replacing the namespace with the namespace into which the chart will be deployed and the name with a name of your choice. The following is an example where we are adding both repositories:

kind: ImagePolicy
  name: <imagePolicyName>
  namespace: <namespace>
  - name:*
    policy: null
  - name: mycluster.icp:8500/*
    policy: null

Then run the following command to create the image policy:

kubectl apply -f <yamlFile>

Finally, repeat the installation steps to deploy the chart.