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Standard Kafka consumer hangs and does not output messages


The standard Kafka consumer ( is unable to receive messages and hangs without producing any output.


This situation occurs if the consumer is invoked without supplying the required security credentials. In this case, the consumer hangs and does not output any messages sent to the topic.

Resolving the problem

Create a properties file with the following content:

sasl.mechanism=PLAIN required username="token" password="<api_key>";

Replace <certs.jks_file_location> with the location of a trust store file containing the server certificate (for example, certs.jks), <truststore_password> with the password for the trust store and <api_key> with an API key able to access the IBM Event Streams deployment.

When running the command include the --consumer.config <properties_file> option, replacing the <properties_file> with the name of the property file and the path to it. For example: --bootstrap-server <brokerIP>:<bootstrapPort> --topic <topic> -consumer.config <properties_file>