You are viewing the documentation for the container-native version of IBM Event Streams.
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Gathering logs

To help IBM support troubleshoot any issues with your Event Streams installation, run the log gathering script as follows. The script collects the log files from available pods and creates a compressed file. It uses the component label names instead of the pod names as the pod names could be truncated.

  1. Download the script from GitHub.
  2. Ensure you have installed the Kubernetes command line tool and the IBM Cloud Private CLI as noted in the installation prerequisites.
  3. Log in to your cluster as an administrator by using the IBM Cloud Private CLI:
    cloudctl login -a https://<cluster-address>:<cluster-router-https-port>
  4. Run the script as follows:
    ./ -n <namespace> -r <release-name>

    If you do not specify a namespace, the script retrieves logs from the default namespace as requested in the cloudctl login. If you do not specify a release name, the script gathers logs for all releases.