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What’s new

Find out what is new in IBM Event Streams version 11.1.x.

Release 11.1.1

Expanded feature support when using SCRAM authentication

Support for the following features is now available when using SCRAM authentication:

  • If enabled, users can delete topics in the UI with the Topic Delete button in the overflow menu.
  • The geo-replication feature is available for all users.

For more information, see managing access to the UI with SCRAM.

Security and bug fixes

Event Streams release 11.1.1 contains security and bug fixes.

Release 11.1.0

Kafka version upgraded to 3.2.3

Event Streams version 11.1.0 includes Kafka release 3.2.3, and supports the use of all Kafka interfaces.

Apicurio version updated to 2.3.1

Event Streams 11.1.0 includes Apicurio Registry version 2.3.1 for managing schemas.

Foundational services a prerequisite for flexibility

IBM Cloud Pak foundational services is now a prerequisite. Event Streams supports foundational services version 3.19.0 or later 3.x releases, providing support for both the Continuous Delivery (CD) and the Long Term Service Release (LTSR) version of foundational services (for more information, see the prerequisites).

Simplified installation and upgrade process

Event Streams 11.1.0 introduces automatic upgrade of Event Streams instances. The Event Streams operator deploys and manages only a single version of the Event Streams instance. When upgrading Event Streams, the operator upgrades instances to the version supported by the operator, so you no longer have to upgrade the instances separately.

Support for SCRAM authentication

Event Streams version 11.1.0 introduces support for SCRAM authentication access to the Event Streams UI (for more information, see configuring UI security). Kafka users that have been configured to use SCRAM-SHA-512 authentication can log in to the UI and access components based on the ACL permissions of the user.

Note: The following features are not available in this release of Event Streams when using SCRAM authentication:

  • Metrics information and dashboards
  • Geo-replication
  • Event Streams CLI

Security and bug fixes

Event Streams release 11.1.0 contains security and bug fixes.