Warning: This document is for an old version of IBM z/OSMF Collection. The latest version is v3.0.0.

Requirements - Operate z/OS Data Sets and UNIX FilesΒΆ

To use the modules and roles which supplied to interact with z/OS data set and file REST services in your playbook, besides the Overall Requirements, the following nodes require specific versions of software:

Managed Node:

  • z/OS Management Facility: V02.03.00 or later

    The z/OS data set and USS file managed by each z/OS managed node can be accessed by at least one z/OSMF server. Typically, this could be done by setup one z/OSMF in the same sysplex.

    It is required when using:


    • To use the encoding function (by variable dataset_encoding or file_encoding) for modules: zmf_dataset_fetch and zmf_file_fetch, it also requires: z/OSMF APAR PH15263 (PTF UI65882 for V2R3, PTF UI65883 for V2R4)