Kubeflow on IKS

The Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes on IKS

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Run Kubeflow on IKS

The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making deployments of machine learning (ML) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable, and scalable. It fullly leverages Kubernetes to optimize ML pipelines, including data processing, training, model serving, etc. Deploying Kubeflow on IKS allows you to integrate the ML solutions with the Services in IBM Cloud seamlessly.

Kubeflow includes services to create and manage interactive Jupyter notebooks. You can customize your notebook deployment and your compute resources to suit your data science needs. Experiment with your workflows locally, then deploy them to a cloud when you're ready.

TensorFlow model training

Kubeflow provides a custom TensorFlow training job operator that you can use to train your ML model. In particular, Kubeflow's job operator can handle distributed TensorFlow training jobs. Configure the training controller to use CPUs or GPUs and to suit various cluster sizes.

Model serving

Kubeflow supports a TensorFlow Serving container to export trained TensorFlow models to Kubernetes. Kubeflow is also integrated with Seldon Core, an open source platform for deploying machine learning models on Kubernetes, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for maximized GPU utilization when deploying ML/DL models at scale, and MLRun Serving, an open-source serverless framework for deployment and monitoring of real-time ML/DL pipelines.


Kubeflow Pipelines is a comprehensive solution for deploying and managing end-to-end ML workflows. Use Kubeflow Pipelines for rapid and reliable experimentation. You can schedule and compare runs, and examine detailed reports on each run.


Our development plans extend beyond TensorFlow. We're working hard to extend the support of PyTorch, Apache MXNet, MPI, XGBoost, Chainer, and more. We also integrate with Istio and Ambassador for ingress, Nuclio as a fast multi-purpose serverless framework, and Pachyderm for managing your data science pipelines.


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