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Welcome to Terratorch


The purpose of this library is twofold:

  1. To integrate prithvi backbones into the TorchGeo framework
  2. To provide generic LightningDataModules that can be built at runtime
  3. To build a flexible fine-tuning framework based on TorchGeo which can be interacted with at different abstraction levels.

This library provides:

  • All the functionality in TorchGeo
  • Easy access to prithvi, timm and smp backbones
  • Flexible trainers for Image Segmentation and Pixel Wise Regression (more in progress)
  • Launching of fine-tuning tasks through powerful configuration files

A good starting place is familiarization with PyTorch Lightning, which this project is built on, and to a certain extent TorchGeo

Quick start

To get started, check out the quick start guide

For developers

Check out the architecture overview