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Instructions: Get your code for the vending machine

This instruction does demonstrate how to setup and use the IBM Watson Assistant Service on IBM Cloud to get your access code for the vending machine.



We use IBM Watson Assistant and an external API to get the access code for the vending machine, as shown in the image below.


Find out more about IBM Watson Assistant and chat-bots on IBM Developer.

Estimated time and level

Time Level
10 - 15 min beginners


After you complete this instruction, you'll understand the following topics:

  • Create an instance of IBM Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud.
  • Add a customized dialog skill to IBM Watson Assistant
  • Use a chat-bot to get your access-code for the vending machine.


These are the sections of the instructions, go through all of them in sequence, start with Pre-work :

  1. Pre-work
  2. Create a Watson Assistant Service instance on IBM Cloud
  3. Import a dialog-skill
  4. Run the chatbot and get your code for the vending-machine


These insturctions have been tested on the following platforms:

  • IBM Watson Assistant Service (Lite) on IBM Cloud