Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

Operator is generating constant log output


The log file for the Event Streams operator pod shows constant looping of reconciliations when installed on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.5 or later.

2020-09-22 16:01:25 INFO  AbstractOperator:173 - [lambda$reconcile$3] Reconciliation #4636(watch) EventStreams(es/example): EventStreams example should be created or updated
2020-09-22 16:01:25 INFO  OperatorWatcher:35 - [eventReceived] Reconciliation #4642(watch) EventStreams(es/example): EventStreams example in namespace es was MODIFIED


The Event Streams operator is notified that an instance of Event Streams has changed and needs to be reconciled. When the reconciliation is complete, the status update triggers a notification which causes a new reconciliation.

Resolving the problem

Contact IBM Support to request a fix, and include issue number ES-115 in your correspondence.