Air-gapped installation of Event Streams 11.1.1 fails when trying to mirror the catalog


When following the instructions to install Event Streams 11.1.1 in an air-gapped environment, the step where images are mirrored fails with the following error:

error: unable to retrieve source image manifest sha256:1fd01b60a879719996abff8916f8afe8f3978a602bdba7d28fb3fa9073ef3498: manifest unknown: OCI index found, but accept header does not support OCI indexes
error: an error occurred during planning


The mirroring step fails because some of the images uploaded in the 11.1.1 release of Event Streams are not in a suitable format for mirroring.

Resolving the problem

Upgrade your Event Streams instance to version 11.1.3 or later to resolve the issue.