6 - Share events for discovery by others

Note: To follow the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, you can watch the video or read the instructions on the page.

Scenario: Sharing results of analysis and processing

The EMEA operations team wants to share their new topic of EMEA orders for use by other teams in their enterprise.


Step 1 : Create a flow

This tutorial begins with the flow that is created in Triggering actions.

If you haven’t completed that tutorial yet, you should do it now.

Step 2 : Add the topic to the catalog

The next step is to provide the topic details to create an entry in the catalog.

  1. Go to the Event Endpoint Management topics page.


    If you need a reminder of how to access Event Endpoint Management, you can review Accessing the tutorial environment.

  2. Click the Add topic button.


  3. Reuse the existing connection details of the Event Streams cluster.


  4. Choose the new ORDERS.EMEA topic created in the previous tutorial.


  5. Click Add topic.

Step 3 : Document the topic

The next step is to document the topic to describe the events that your processing flow is producing.

  1. Click the new ORDERS.EMEA topic.


  2. Use Edit information to provide documentation for the topic.


  3. Add a description of the events generated by your processing flow.


    Suggested description:

    “Events from the EMEA region recorded by the order management system”

  4. Use the Copy button in Event Streams to get a recent example message from the topic.


  5. Add the sample message to the documentation for the topic.


  6. Click Save.

Step 4 : Publish the topic

The final step is to publish the new topic in the catalog so that it can be discovered by other teams in your enterprise.

  1. Click the Create option button in the Options tab.


  2. Create a name for the access option that you are creating.


    Calling the option “Self service” is a good way to describe a topic being published without any approval requirements.

  3. Create a topic alias for the option.

    As this is the only option, ORDERS.EMEA is a reasonable alias.

  4. As we are not adding any additional controls, click Next.


  5. Click Publish.


  6. Choose the gateway group.


  7. Click Save.

  8. Confirm that the topic is published by switching to the catalog.


  9. Confirm that your sample message and description are displayed in the topic details page.



You published the results of your event processing flow to a catalog.

The documentation you provided will enable other people in your enterprise to make use of the events your flow is producing, and the catalog will allow them to create their own credentials for using the topic.

Next step

You have completed the guided tutorial. You used all three capabilities in IBM Event Automation: creating topics in Event Streams, discovering and publishing topics in Event Endpoint Management, and processing events in Event Processing.

If you would like more ideas of things to try in Event Processing, we have more Tutorials for Event Processing, which are there to show you other things that you can do, and inspire you with ideas for your own projects.