Warning: This document is for an old version of IBM z/OSMF Collection. The latest version is v3.0.0.


Control node is any machine with Ansible installed. From the control node, you can run commands and playbooks from a laptop, desktop, or server machine. However, you cannot run IBM z/OSMF collection on a Windows machine.

Managed node is often referred to as a target node, or host, and is the node that is managed by Ansible. Ansible does not need to be installed on a managed node.

Overall Requirements

To use this collection, the following nodes require specific versions of software:

Control Node:

Managed Node:

  • z/OS: V02.03.00 or later

    The target z/OS systems should be configured as the target hosts (managed nodes) in your playbook. It is not necessary to set up an SSH connection and install Python on the target z/OS systems. Instead, the modules and roles in this collection will create HTTPS connections with the z/OSMF server. Therefore delegate_to: localhost statement is required for using the modules in your playbook task. This statement is hard-coded within the roles.

  • z/OS Management Facility: V02.03.00 or later

    The z/OSMF server must be installed and active on at least one z/OS system in the same sysplex. Information about the z/OSMF server must be configured in the inventory hosts file or in the vars file, such as the hostname, port number, and authentication info. The authentication info to connect to the z/OSMF server is provided when running playbook or it will be prompted during playbook run.