IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development is an interactive wizard that is designed to simplify planning and configuring of host components for Z Development products. Host Configuration Assistant helps you determine the host components to configure for your products and provides you with feature-based checklists to let you focus on features that matter. A customized task list is generated based on your selection and provided to the system programmer for step-by-step host configuration guidance.

User flow

HCA workflow

Key values

  • Provides one integrated system for multiple products and host components.
  • Helps determine required and optional components and features.
  • Provides feature-based checklists that are easy to understand.
  • Enables effective and efficient communication between different roles.
  • Generates customized reports with tasks provided in a recommended order.

Supported products and versions

IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development supports the host configuration for the following products at the latest release levels.

  • IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS
  • IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack
  • IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces
  • IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform
  • IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition
  • IBM Developer for z/OS
  • IBM Debug for z/OS
  • IBM Explorer for z/OS
  • IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS
  • IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS
  • IBM File Manager for z/OS
  • GitLab Ultimate for IBM z/OS
  • IBM Dependency Based Build
  • IBM Z Open Automation Utilities

Supported host components

host component dependencies