IBM Explorer for z/OS Aqua

  • [1] See here for products with extended support for Aqua 3.1.
  • [2] For more information on how to update the IBM Developer for z/OS client to a new release, see here for the V15.0.x client and here for the V16.0.x client.
  • [3] RTC is renamed to EWM (Engineering Workflow Management) starting from v7.0. See this tech note for details / installation steps for older versions of RTC
  • [4] This IBM Developer for z/OS extension provides the capability that allows Engineering Workflow Management to enable Remote project and User Build support for z/OS developers.
  • [5] See here

    Offline Repository Packages

    Please note that this pre-packaged repository zip file is for Aqua 3.1 (Eclipse 4.6 Neon) only.

    For shell-sharing environments, IBM Data Studio 4.1.3 is compatible with the following:

    • IBM Developer for z/OS, version 14.1.3 or higher
    • IBM Explorer for z/OS, version or higher
    • IBM CICS Explorer, version or higher
    • IBM IMS Explorer for Development, version or higher

    How do I use this zip file?

    This zip file is a packaged repository intended to be used as an offline or local repository source for IBM Installation Manager.

    After downloading the zip file and extracting its contents into a local directory, follow the steps to Use an existing Installation Manager for product installation .

    for shell-share compatibility
  • [6] Please follow the IBM Documentation instruction to deploy IBM Wazi for Dev Spaces.
  • [7] There is a known issue with the current version of IMS Explorer. When updating the existing installation of IMS Explorer, the Readme file does not get updated. The workaround is to perform a fresh installation of IMS Explorer, eother by installing it into a new package group, or by uninstalling any existing versions of IMS Explorer first.

Zowe Integration

IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces (1.x)

  • [1] Please follow the IBM Documentation instruction to deploy Wazi Developer for Workspaces.

IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack (IBM Wazi 3.x)

  • [1] Please follow the IBM Documentation instruction to deploy IBM Wazi for Dev Spaces.

IBM Z Virtual Test Platform

IBM Enterprise DevOps

IBM Compilers and Toolkits

  • [1] Available at no cost