The IBM® z/OS® CICS® collection, also represented as ibm_zos_cics in this document, is part of the broader initiative to bring Ansible® Automation to IBM Z® through the offering Red Hat® Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z.

The IBM® z/OS® CICS® collection provides modules for automation tasks that perform operations on CICS and CICSPlex SM resources and definitions, for example, creating and installing a PROGRAM definition, then updating or deleting the definition. These modules interact with the CMCI REST API of the CICS® management client interface (CMCI) for system management.

The IBM® z/OS® CICS® collection also provides modules for provisioning and managing CICS TS data sets and utilities. You can use these Ansible modules to create automation tasks that provision or deprovision a CICS region and tasks for CICS startup and shutdown.

The Ansible modules in this collection are written in Python.

Collection Content