To install the Zowe CLI and cics-deploy plug-in, perform the following steps on your local workstation.
  1. Install Node.js V8.0 or later, and Node Package Manager (npm) V5.0 or later, that are required by Zowe CLI. Installers are available from Node.js Downloads.

    To verify the versions installed:

     node --version
     npm --version
  2. Install Zowe CLI. For example, to install using npm from an online registry:

     npm install @zowe/cli@zowe-v1-lts -g
     zowe plugins install @zowe/secure-credential-store-for-zowe-cli@zowe-v1-lts
  3. Install the CICSĀ® plug-in:

     zowe plugins install @zowe/cics-for-zowe-cli@zowe-v1-lts
  4. Install the cics-deploy plug-in:

     zowe plugins install zowe-cli-cics-deploy-plugin
  5. Verify the plug-ins are installed:

     zowe plugins list

    Displays a list of the installed plug-ins:

     Installed plugins:
     -- pluginName: cics-for-zowe-cli
     -- package: cics-for-zowe-cli@zowe-v1-lts
     -- version: 4.0.2
     -- registry:
    -- pluginName: zowe-cli-cics-deploy-plugin -- package: zowe-cli-cics-deploy-plugin -- version: 1.1.0 -- registry: