Zowe is an open source framework that bridges the divide between workstation and mainframe computing.


Zowe consists of several components:

  • The core framework
  • The API mediation layer
  • The Zowe CLI

The core framework and the API mediation layer are software components that need to be installed as part of the Zowe runtime on z/OS.

You can read much more about the wider Zowe initiative here.

Zowe CLI

The Zowe CLI is installed on and runs on a local workstation, and does not need to be installed on z/OS. It does not depend on you having installed any other Zowe components, either locally or on z/OS. It does need a few familiar facilities to be set up on the mainframe first.

It allows developers to interact with the mainframe via a command-line interface, which may more approachable than alternative and proprietary front-end applications.

The Zowe CLI is extended by creating and installing plug-ins.

Zowe CLI CICS deploy plug-in

The Zowe CLI CICSĀ® deploy plug-in extends the Zowe CLI to offer a command-line mechanism for Node.js developers to deploy workstation-developed applications into a running CICS Transaction Server for z/OS region on a remote mainframe. It is the quickest way to get a Node.js application from your workstation into a running CICS region without any special CICS knowledge.