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SMXM Mentions Extractor

When the mentions to be extracted are known by the user they can be specified in order to improve the performance of the system. Based on the SMXM linker, the SMXM mentions extractor uses the description of the mentions to give the model information about the mentions to be extracted. By using the descriptions, the SMXM model is able to understand the mention.

The SMXM mentions extractor will use the mentions specified in the zshot.PipelineConfig.

Bases: MentionsExtractor

SMXM Mentions Extractor


Load SMXM model

predict(docs, batch_size=None)

Perform the entity prediction


Name Type Description Default
docs Iterator[Doc]

A list of spacy Document

batch_size Optional[Union[int, None]]

The batch size



Type Description

List Spans for each Document in docs