API reference for the EventStreamsGeoReplicator/v1beta1 CRDs

Find out more abut the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) used by Event Streams geo-replicator.


Property Type Description
spec object The Event Streams geo-replicator specification.
spec.replicas integer The number of Kafka Connect workers to start for Event Streams geo-replication.
spec.version string Version of the Event Streams geo-replicator.


Property Type Description
status object The status of the EventStreamsGeoReplicator instance.
status.conditions array Current state of the Event Streams cluster.
status.customImages boolean Identifies whether any of the Docker images have been modified from the defaults for this version of Event Streams.
status.observedGeneration integer The generation of the resource at the last successful reconciliation.
status.phase string Identifies the current state of the Event Streams instance.
status.versions object Information about the version of this instance and it’s upgradable versions.
status.versions.available object The versions that this instance of Event Streams can be upgraded to.
status.versions.available.channels array A list of versions that the operator is able to automatically upgrade from.
status.versions.available.versions array A list of versions that the operator is able to upgrade this instance of Event Streams to.
status.versions.reconciled string The current running version of this operator.