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Series of labs and instructions to introduce you to containers and Docker. Learn to run a container, inspect a container and understand the isolation of processes, create a Dockerfile, build an image from a Dockerfile and understand layers, tag and push images to a registry, scale and update containers, and more.

About this workshop

This series has an additional presentation.


Lab 0 Pre-work
Lab 1 Run your first container
Lab 2 Add value with custom images
Lab 3 Manage data in containers


For this workshop you must have:

  • Docker CLI,
  • Docker Engine,
  • Docker Registry account,


This workshop has been tested on the following platforms:

  • Play with Docker,
  • Docker Desktop: v2.2.0.5
  • Engine: v19.03.8
  • Compose: v1.25.4
  • Docker for Linux:
  • Client: v18.09.7
  • Docker Engine: v19.03.5

Technology Used