Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

Modifying installation settings

You can modify the configuration settings for your existing Event Streams installation by using the OpenShift Container Platform web console or the oc command line tool. The configuration changes are applied by updating the EventStreams custom resource You can modify existing values and introduce new properties as outlined under configuration settings. Note: Some settings might cause affected components of your Event Streams instance to restart.

For examples on changes you might want to make, see scaling your Event Streams instance.

Using the OpenShift Container Platform web console

To modify configuration settings by using the OpenShift Container Platform web console:

  1. Log in to the OpenShift Container Platform web console using your login credentials.
  2. Expand the Operators dropdown and select Installed Operators to open the Installed Operators page.
  3. Expand the Project dropdown and select the project the instance is installed in. Click the operator called IBM Event Streams managing the project.
  4. Select the Event Streams tab and search the Name column for the installed instance and click it.
  5. Click the YAML tab to edit the custom resource.
  6. Make the required changes on the page, or you can click Download and make the required changes in a text editor. If you clicked Download you will need to drag and drop the modified custom resource file onto the page so that it updates in the web console.
  7. Click the Save button to apply your changes.

Using the OpenShift Container Platform CLI

To modify configuration settings by using the OpenShift Container Platform CLI:

  1. Log in to your Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as a cluster administrator by using the oc CLI (oc login).
  2. Run the following command to edit your EventStreams custom resource in your default editor: oc edit eventstreams <instance_name>
  3. Make the required changes in your editor.
  4. Save and quit the editor to apply your changes.

Modifying Kafka broker configuration settings

Kafka supports a number of key/value pair settings for broker configuration, typically provided in a properties file.

In Event Streams, these settings are defined in an EventStreams custom resource under the spec.strimziOverrides.kafka.config property.

For example, to set the number of I/O threads to 24 you can add the spec.strimziOverrides.kafka.config[""] property:

kind: EventStreams
  name: example-broker-config
  namespace: myproject
  # ...
      # ...
         # ... 24

You can specify all the broker configuration options supported by Kafka except from those managed directly by Event Streams. For further information, see the list of supported configuration options.