Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

Unable to remove destination cluster


When trying to remove an offline geo-replication destination cluster, the following error message is displayed in the UI:

Failed to retrieve data for this destination cluster.


There could be several reasons, for example, the cluster might be offline, or the service ID of the cluster might have been revoked.

Resolving the problem

  1. Go to your origin cluster. Log in to your cluster as an administrator by using the IBM Cloud Pak CLI:
    cloudctl login -a https://<cluster_address>:<cluster_router_https_port>
  2. Run the following command to start the Event Streams CLI: cloudctl es init
  3. Retrieve destination cluster IDs by using the following command:
    cloudctl es geo-clusters
    Look for the destination cluster ID that you want to remove.
  4. Run the following command:
    cloudctl es geo-cluster-remove --destination <destination-cluster-id> --force