Metrics do not display in operator Grafana dashboard


One of the dashboards in the Grafana service, the Event Streams Operators dashboard, does not display metrics.


The cluster-monitoring-config ConfigMap is missing or the Event Streams metrics rules are not configured properly.

Resolving the problem

Check if the OpenShift monitoring for user-defined projects is active . You can enable the monitoring by applying or modifying the cluster-monitoring-config ConfigMap.

If some of the Event Streams Kafka cluster metrics continue to be missing, complete the following steps:

  1. Upgrade to Event Streams 11.0.4, and change the name of the metrics ConfigMap in the and fields in the Event Streams custom resource . This will create a new ConfigMap with the specfied name and a set of default rules.
  2. If the upgrade to Event Streams 11.0.4 is not possible, edit the metrics-config ConfigMap and add the following content specified:
  kind: ConfigMap
  apiVersion: v1
    name: metrics-config
    kafka-metrics-config.yaml: |
      lowercaseOutputName: true
      - attrNameSnakeCase: false
        name: kafka_controller_$1_$2_$3
        pattern: kafka.controller<type=(\w+), name=(\w+)><>(Count|Value|Mean)
      - attrNameSnakeCase: false
        name: kafka_server_BrokerTopicMetrics_$1_$2
        pattern: kafka.server<type=BrokerTopicMetrics, name=(BytesInPerSec|BytesOutPerSec)><>(Count)
      - attrNameSnakeCase: false
        name: kafka_server_BrokerTopicMetrics_$1__alltopics_$2
        pattern: kafka.server<type=BrokerTopicMetrics, name=(BytesInPerSec|BytesOutPerSec)><>(OneMinuteRate)
      - attrNameSnakeCase: false
        name: kafka_server_ReplicaManager_$1_$2
        pattern: kafka.server<type=ReplicaManager, name=(\w+)><>(Value)
    zookeeper-metrics-config.yaml: |
      lowercaseOutputName: true
      rules: []