Attention: This version of Event Streams has reached End of Support. For more information about supported versions, see the support matrix.

Running Helm upgrade commands

You can use the helm upgrade command to upgrade your Event Streams version, or to modify configuration settings for your Event Streams installation. To run Helm upgrade commands, you must have a copy of the original Helm charts file that you used to install Event Streams.

To retrieve the charts file using the UI:

  1. Log in to your IBM Cloud Private cluster management console as an administrator. For more information, see the IBM Cloud Private documentation.
  2. Click Catalog in the top navigation menu.
  3. If you are using the Community Edition, search for ibm-eventstreams-dev and select it from the result. If you are using Event Streams, search for ibm-eventstreams-prod and select it from the result.
    Note: Event Streams Community Edition is no longer available from 1 May 2020. For information about trying out Kafka and Event Streams for free, see the product pages.
  4. Select the latest version number from the drop-down list on the left.
  5. To download the file, go to the SOURCE & TAR FILES section on the left and click the link.
    The ibm-eventstreams-dev-<version>.tgz file is downloaded.

Alternatively, if you downloaded Event Streams from IBM Passport Advantage, you can also retrieve the charts file by looking for a file called ibm-eventstreams-prod-<version>.tgz within the downloaded archive. If you no longer have a copy, you can download the file again from IBM Passport Advantage.