ibmi_mirror_warm_clone_activity – Performs suspend and resume activity for warm clone.


  • The ibmi_mirror_warm_clone_activity module performs the suspend and resume activity for a warm clone to reach a quiesce point before the clone and resume from that point after clone.

  • The setup source node must reach a quiesce point before tracking changes can begin.

  • If a quiesce point cannot be reached within the specified timeout, then the setup process will not proceed.



The name of the user profile that the IBM i task will run under.

Use this option to set a user with desired privileges to run the task.

required: false
type: str

Use this option to set the password of the user specified in become_user.

required: false
type: str

Specifies the activity to be performed for a warm clone.

required: True
type: str
choices: suspend, resume

Specifies the the number of seconds timeout value to allow for the suspend operation to complete.

required: false
type: int
default: 300


- name: suspend the system for a warm clone to do a clone
    operation: suspend

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Return Values

The message that describes the error or success
returned: always
type: str
sample: Error occurred when retrieving the mirror state
The return code (0 means success, non-zero means failure)
returned: always
type: int