Managing clusters

After adding a cluster, you can use the Clusters page to edit the details you provide about the cluster, or to delete the cluster.

To access the Clusters page:

  1. Log in to the Event Endpoint Management UI with your login credentials.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Clusters.

Editing a cluster

To edit the details of a cluster, complete the following steps.

  1. Locate the cluster to be edited in the Clusters page table and click the edit icon edit icon

    The Cluster information screen is displayed with your existing cluster name.

    Event Endpoint Management 11.0.2 icon You can edit the cluster name and provide a new name, or leave it as it is.

    Note: The cluster name must not be the same as the name of another cluster. The maximum length of a cluster name is 200 characters.

  2. Click Next. The existing bootstrap servers for your cluster are displayed. Amend the bootstrap server URLs for the Kafka cluster.

    Optional: You can click Add URL to add one or more additional bootstrap servers, then click Next.

    Note: When you click Next, Event Endpoint Management validates the entered bootstrap server URLs. While validating, if any untrusted certificates are found on the bootstrap server URLs, you will be asked to confirm if you accept the certificates found. If you do, select the Accept all certificates checkbox. Even if you have previously accepted these certificates, you will need to accept them again, and click Next.

  3. If the entered bootstrap server URLs require SASL credentials to authenticate with Kafka, you will be prompted to provide the credential details. If required, select the Security protocol to enter your username and password, and click Save.

    Note: After clicking Save, Event Endpoint Management validates whether the entered credentials are valid to connect to the cluster. If the credentials are valid, or credentials were not required, your cluster will be edited and saved accordingly.

Deleting a cluster

Clusters can be deleted from Event Endpoint Management if they are no longer in use. You can only delete a cluster if all previously added topics from this cluster have been deleted.

To delete a cluster from Event Endpoint Management, complete the following steps.

  1. Locate the cluster you want to delete in the list on the Clusters page, and click the delete icon trash icon to open the Delete cluster dialog.
  2. Confirm the cluster that you want to delete by entering the cluster name.
  3. Click Delete. This will be visible in the footer if you have entered the cluster name that you want to delete correctly.